The Best DayZ Experience


                                                                     GENERAL RULES
1-1. NVIDIA Inspector Usage is strictly forbidden. 1-2. Glitching/Hacking/Using bugs in the game mechanics to gain an unfair advantage. Especially during PVP, basing or while raiding. 1-3. Moonwalking is not allowed ever. Not even in the safezone. 1-4. Combat Logging. [Logging out within 10 minutes of exiting combat]. (If you’re in your base, you can log out whenever.). This means the person logging must not have taken or given damage within 10 min without dying. 1-5. No Stream Sniping. 1-6. No Combat within 600 meters of trader safezone (Use Trader Map Marker As Reference). No following players out of safezone or camping the safezone. 1-7. Excessively planting crops in safezone. (This does not mean you cannot grow things for others) 1-8. Scamming/stealing anything in the safezones including vehicles with a lockpick (If its not yours don’t touch it!). 1-9. No Using Megaphone in Safezone. 1-10. Mic Spamming in Safezone (Music, screaming, etc…). (Bearbeitet)

1-11. Personal abuse, obscene, harassing, threatening, hateful, discriminatory or defamatory remarks of any nature won’t be tolerated. This includes racial, sexual, homophobic or cultural slurs, even in the context of a joke/meme. Toxicity is NOT welcome! 1-12. Impersonating “Staff”, if you are not the role. 
1-13. Spamming sidechat. 
1-14. Using another account to bypass a previous ban. If you have a Battle Eye Dayz ban you are not welcome here. 
1-15. Deliberately creating toxic situations or debates in order to undermine other players or the staff is not acceptable. 
1-16. Safezone Strafing (Entering and Exiting the Safezone in order to gain an advantage in combat). Do not shoot in or out of safezone to bait player(s). This includes “camping” the safezones. And “No spotting/making callouts from outside of the zone for teammates inside the zone or for those entering the zone” This also includes no calling out from helis above or outside the zone. (All team members involved in the PvP encounter in anyway must be inside the PvP zone at the time). 
1-17. Name “Survivor” Not Allowed. 
1-18. Leaving items in safezone IF YOU ARE NOT THERE including vehicles, storage, safes ANYTHING you own is subject to deletion and you WILL NOT BE COMPED. Safezone is not your base!! (Clean ups happen every 24 hours). 
1-19. Do not be calling out rule breakers or cheaters in game chat, If there is a issue please make a ticket and let "staff" handle it. 1-20. Staff disrespect is not tolerated here. If you are having issue with a staff member please reach out to speak with @ZZ|DasSchnitzel or @ZZ|Run7k - They are the Owners of the ZombasticZ Community & Server. 
1-21. Loot Cycling is Strictly FORBIDDEN.


Building Rules


2-1. Building within 500m of Military area, This also includes Key Card Buildings. 2-2. No building in broken ships on coastlines. 2-3. Blocking off Care Packages with your base. 2-4. Building within 250m of a ATM or Virtual Garage. 2-5. Building within 1000m of ANY Traderzone 2-6. Building in a Police, Prison, Fire Station, Medical Building, is not allowed. (Castles are Allowed) 2-7. Blocking marked (Water Drinking Wells) on the map is not allowed and must have public access. 2-8. Blocking Roads with Bases. (You can build over the road, however you must leave space for every vehicle to pass under) (Temporary roadblocks are allowed). 2-9. Base must contain at least one raidable entrance. Example: A group must scope out a base to know which (window, door, opening) to go through so they are not wasting raid materials. This is up to the raider to figure this out (Groups that exploit “Slow Loading” to see through walls will be punished). 2-10. WatchTower Stacking is NOT Allowed. (Bearbeitet)

2-11. Bases will be considered abandoned if the owner(s) of the base hasn’t connected to the server to defend the base within 14 days. 
2-12. Bases need to be secured to be considered occupied with codelock or combination lock otherwise it will be considered abandoned. 
2-13. Upon request, we will delete abandoned bases and its contents so that players may base there. 
2-14. Absolutely NO Tent Stacking. 
2-15. There Shall Be No Sky Bases, Floating Walkways etc All Builds Must Be Realistic. All Bases must be connected to the ground. 
2-16. No Bases Are To Be Built On The Water (Boat Docks Allowed Long As There Is One Raidable Entrance). 
2-17. No Wall Stacking (Placing Door or Wall One After Another With No Proper Space In Between) 3 Doors Per 1×1 One On Each Side And 1 In The Middle Horizontally Or Diagonally Is Allowed! 
2-18. All Code Locked Doors MUST Be Visible and Accessible And Not Hidden Behind Walls/Doors. 
2-19. Flag poles that are of different groups need to be at least 250m apart to avoid overlapping of territories. If flags overlap, the base that has the first interaction with their flag (raising or lowering it) or builds first will have the rights to that area and other group will have to move. (No exceptions).
 2-20. No Building In Static PVP Zones!!! (Tisy, NWA, Krasno Airstrip, Prison Island, Troitskoe, Balota Airstrip. 

                                                                    RAIDING RULES
 None of the following will be tolerated: 
3-1. Stack items, float objects, dismantle through walls or objects, use vicinity to loot inside a base/tent. 
3-2. Use of any placeable objects (watchtowers are allowed but all 4 corners must touch the ground). 
3-3. Block entrances while raiding to hold progress. 3-4. Glitch into someone’s base, if you are unable to properly raid it, move on. 
3-5. Place any code locks. (Taking over an Enemy Base is FORBIDDEN) 
3-6. Move your base flag pole/land claim kit while being actively raided. 3-7. Raid a base that you have spawned inside of due to inactivity or if you are a fresh spawn. Submit a ticket and an Admin will TP you out. 
3-8. NO Landing on top of an Enemy Players Base with ANY Vehicle. 
You are allowed to: 
4-1. BUDDY BOOST (Standing on a friend’s head). Build BBP+ Stepladder, stand on top of vehicles, etc to get over walls and into bases that are not secured with a roof. 
4-2. Use a vehicle to place breaching charges on the outside of a base. 
4-3. As a defending party (base is being actively raided) you may rebuild and apply new code locks to the doors that have already been hacked/destroyed during the raid. 
                                                                   FAQ DONATION: 
Q. When I donate, where does my money go?
 A. Donations are kept in our Colony Treasury via PayPal. The funds are strictly used for ZombasticZ
 Q. What sort of perks do I get as a donor? 
A. We offer guaranteed slots on any of our servers if at capacity. You will also have a dedicated room on our Discord. 
Q. What sort of in-game items will I get for being a donor? Will I get a custom or donor load-out? 
A. None. You will not get a donor or custom load-out. 

                                                        BOHEMIA MONETAZATION RULES

From December 1st 2015, anyone who registers, is approved, and is listed on is allowed following monetization of their Dayz "private shard" servers:

  • Charging players to access your server, if the fees and associated perks do not affect gameplay in any way, is allowed. Limiting access to only paying players is allowed. Servers with access limited to paying players must be on a different hive, or have rules and settings identical to the freely accessible servers.
  • Product placement, in-game advertising and sponsorship is allowed. Accepting donations is allowed, but to avoid any doubts: not providing donations must not prevent anyone from accessing the content.
  • Selling of in-game items, that don’t affect gameplay, and selling of cosmetic perks are allowed. (Applicable only to servers with mods, after modding support has been added to Dayz)
  • Please remember, that these rules do not apply to public hive Dayz servers or the Dayz mod!